About Us

As the entire world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden and huge influx of infected patients has resulted in severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) across medical facilities in the country, severely risking the safety and lives of our healthcare professionals. We at Global PPE are committed to creating rapid and sustainable supplies of certified diagnostic/testing kits, medical consumables such as surgical masks and respirators, gloves, face shields, protective eyewear (goggles), coverall suits (and gowns), shoe coverings of specialized materials, and ICU ventilators.

Among our offerings, we have a marketplace that assists governments, healthcare institutions and hospitals to procure aggregated kits of the highest quality, certified products from verified manufacturers, supplier-partners & exporters, and innovative 3D printer-based solution providers from across the globe.

Global PPE is guided by professionals with rich experience in public healthcare, rapid emergency response, global supply chain and innovative entrepreneurship. Our team is active 24 x 7, aggregating requirements for PPE medical supplies from various parts of the country and lining up supplies from the nearest possible cost-effective sources.

Our Team

Global PPE is guided by professionals with rich experience in public healthcare, rapid emergency response, global supply chain and logistics, and innovative entrepreneurship at local, State and Federal levels.

  • In addition, our leadership team has a deep understanding of local communities, NGOs, State and Federal government policies, and the many challenges they face.
  • We are ready and responsive, with robust emergency response capability and the ability to turn around essential medical supplies in a matter of days.
  • Global PPE has highly scalable processes and systems consisting of suppliers, logistics and trained personnel, and who customize responses related to local requirements without compromising the integrity of the program.
  • Our highly trained financial and logistics teams are also able to provide accurate and timely management reporting for large medical emergency support programs.

Suppliers & Partners

Global PPE has long-standing partnerships with highly rated, credible manufacturers and suppliers
that have been verified for their capability to deliver large quantities of certified personal protective
equipment and safety supplies. These include:

  • Manufacturers who are fully compliant with respective local and client market regulations.
  • Community groups with certified products and capability to cater to sudden demand.
  • Globally trusted express shipping, warehousing and logistical services providers.


Products conforming to the basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs) covering design principles such as ergonomics, innocuousness aspects, design strength and information supplied by the manufacturer.

  • FDA Certified
  • European CE certification as per Blue Guide on the implementation of EU product rules