Global PPE – Your Go-to Partner of Curated Medical PPE and Supplies

July 14, 2020

Global PPE – Your Go-to Partner of Curated Medical PPE and Supplies

Coronavirus pandemic has exposed us to unprecedented challenges that were earlier unknown to us. Although health and safety have been centric to all human activities, the pandemic has put it at the forefront. The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and surgical equipment has increased drastically since February 2020. With the large influx of patients affected by COVID-19, the medical facilities across the US and the globe are facing a shortage of PPE and surgical equipment. As a result, they are always in search of reliable partners who can assure the timely delivery of certified PPE, diagnostics kits, as well as other medical consumables. There are many suppliers who claim to assure the same, but only a few can meet the response and standards of Global PPE. The company has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of certified PPE and medical consumables in the US. It has become a supplier of choice for medical facilities and other healthcare services. Having heard that, it is quite obvious for anyone to think why they should consider Global PPE? Read the post to know the answers.

5 Reasons to Consider Global PPE for Sustainable PPE and Medical Supplies
Global PPE has been serving the medical community for a long time. But coronavirus pandemic has challenged the team at Global PPE to outstretch their limits and streamline their processes for more efficient services. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • 1. All Time Availability: The team at Global PPE works 24/7 on all days to meet the requirements of the medical community. They aggregate medical supplies and PPE from across the country to assure quick response and competitive pricing. In most cases, they partner with the nearest reliable sources to assure cost-effective and timely delivery.
  • 2. A Broad Selection of PPE and Medical Supplies: Global PPE offers one of the largest collections of PPE such as:

    In addition to these, the company also offers essential medical equipment such as ventilators.

  • 3. Quality-Centric: Global PPE is US FDA certified company and also has the European CE certification. All PPE and medical supplies sourced by the company conform to the basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs) covering design principles such as innocuousness aspects, ergonomics, design strength, and so on. The products such as gloves, masks, and protective clothing are made of FDA approved and specialized medical textiles. All the orders are thoroughly inspected by the team before they leave the facility.
  • 4. Long-Standing Partner Relationships: Global PPE takes pride in its long-standing partnerships with industry-recognized credible suppliers and manufacturers. Over, the years, the company has partnered with the following to meet the requirements of the medical community that it serves:
    • Manufacturers who strictly comply with client market guidelines
    • Suppliers who deal with certified and quality products and can fulfill any large or small demands
    • Experienced, globally recognized, and reliable warehousing, shipping, and logistics service providers
  • 5. Lead by Experienced Professionals: Global PPE is led by professionals with a vast experience in public healthcare, global supply chain, emergency response, and innovative entrepreneurship. Having worked at different levels of state, local, and federal governments, they understand the relevance of emergency response and quality-centric solutions. Also, they are aware of the challenges involved in procurement and delivery. Thus, the company follows scalable and customizable business processes, which enables them to deliver quality products and assure quick turnaround times.

Global PPE assists government agencies, healthcare institutions, and various healthcare facilities to procure quality medical supplies from across the globe. For more information regarding their services and solutions, you can get in touch with the team today. They would be happy to guide you through these difficult times and forever.