January 8, 2021



Global PPE Foundation donates sanitation wipes to ensure children’s safety and care at an Ohio-based elementary school.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – December 22, 2020 – The Global PPE Foundation, a 501(c) entity, and a Global PPE subsidiary, donated 15,000 sanitization wipes to Ohio-based elementary school Mary Queen of Peace amid the turbulence of the holiday season. After experiencing severe shortages, to the point where children were responsible for bringing sanitizing wipes for personal use, school volunteer Veronica Morrow reached out to Global PPE requesting a donation. 

CEO and founder of Global PPE Sanjay Puri stated, “Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality PPE supplies to the ones who need it most. There would not be many recipients who would need it more than school children, so Global PPE is thrilled to support them.” Miller sent a donation request to Global PPE on December 2, and heard back from the company within an hour., Global PPE officially determined it could donate the sanitation wipes on December 3.

After receiving the sanitization wipes donation, principal Jessica Robertson stated, “We are so thankful for the generous donation from Global PPE. As a private urban Catholic school, we do not receive the same funding or advantages that public schools would receive. The donation has certainly helped our teachers, students, and staff feel prepared and healthy during this challenging time.”

About Global-PPE

Global PPE is a personal protective equipment (PPE) company founded in March of 2020 in response to the severe PPE shortage that manifested in the healthcare and government sectors. Global PPE’s mission is to use the core values of quality, commitment, compassion, excellence, and integrity to create a safer society by making the highest quality PPE and safety supplies affordable and accessible to those who need them most. Global PPE is committed to creating rapid and sustainable supplies of certified diagnostic/testing kits and a full array of health protection consumables. The vision of Global PPE is a world where pandemics or natural disasters do not bring chaos and disruption because of safety concerns. For more information, visit